September 29, 2016

London Aquarium


The South Bank of the River Thames is the home to the Sea Life London Aquarium. Housed in the County Hall, on the ground floor, the London Aquarium has been welcoming visitors, young and old since 1997.

The London Aquarium, among its many attractions hosts nearly 40,000 area school children each year for specially-themed educational programs including hands on learning and fun interactive lectures. But, the London Aquarium is far from just a destination for school children.

The Gentoo Penguin exhibit, the Penguins: Ice Adventure allows visitors to wander through and experience the world of these magnificent creatures surrounded in their home icy landscape. Penguins are fed two to three times a day, including hand feeding to allow them to get comfortable with humans. Close contact enables the staff of the London Aquarium to check in on the health and wellness of the penguins at will.

From icy to warm, visitors can enjoy seeing creatures from every part of the globe. The Cuban Crocodiles are some of the most aggressive, intelligent and endangered in the world. They feed on turtles, rodents and fish by swallowing their prey whole with a mouth full of stones. The stones help the crocodiles digest their food. These endangered crocodiles only have two wild natural habitats remaining in the world, Isle de Juventud and Cuba’s Zapata Swamp. Visitors can get a rare glimpse of these magnificent creatures and even time their visit to coincide with the exciting feeding times.

The London Aquarium’s Shark Reef Encounter houses sixteen sharks. Visitors walk on glass just inches over sixteen swimming sharks. The journey then takes guests face to face in a breath-taking display over three stories high. The journey through Shark Reef Encounter ends with the interactive Shark Academy a hands on learning environment about sharks and their lives.

Octopuses create their own picture perfect homes at the bottom of the sea by collecting shells and placing them just right. These odd looking creatures are fascinating in behavior and physiology; octopuses are able to change their appearance, texture and color to blend into their environment when being threatened by predators.

The London Aquarium is home to over 500 different water loving species from around the world in over 2,000,000 litres of water throughout the aquarium. Home to piranhas, stingrays, a variety of beautiful and rare fish, turtles, coral and exotic vegetation, The Sea Life London Aquarium is a great experience for young and old alike. Located in Central London and open seven days a week, except for Christmas Day, visitors are invited to interact, learn and enjoy what the world’s oceans have to offer.